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3 Things to Consider Before You Choose an Office Space

When you own a business, you’d definitely want to have a place where you could do work with your team and move your company forward. There are so many options for a working area nowadays, like a coworking space or a service office space. These choices, on top of a traditional office option, could overwhelm anyone. These are three things that you should look into before you decide on the best office space!

Pricing and Lease Terms

Since you are a business owner, you may look into the prices, rent and lease terms of the desired workspace. Coworking spaces are an economical choice since companies save from the cost of purchasing, installation and maintenance fees. While private serviced offices offer a more flexible office solution, but with a lease. However, the monthly fee covers facilities, services as well as rent. Hence, a serviced office is still quite cost-effective compared to a traditional one.


If you own a smaller business, it may be more feasible for you to get a private office space than renting a traditional office lot. You may be paying almost similar prices, but you need not worry about putting up all the equipment and facilities you need for your business to operate. The time you save from installation and maintenance can be channelled into you working on your business and with your team. 


While traditional office lots offer you the best form of privacy, coworking spaces and serviced offices could give you the privacy needed in certain situations. With serviced offices, you can dedicate an entire room or building floor for your company alone. However, there are areas in this office setup that are still shared with other companies. Coworking spaces usually come with enclosed meeting areas that you could rent with an hourly rate if you need to have more privacy to discuss with your team. 


Before you choose the right office space for you and your team, you should look into these aspects and compare them to your business’ needs. Most coworking spaces, as well as private office spaces, are meant to be flexible, allowing them to adapt to the company working from them. If you want to have a look at a private serviced office in KL, head on over here