Comprehensive Insurance Services by AIG Malaysia

Comprehensive Insurance protection Products and services by AIG Malaysia

Since 1953, AIG has been operating in Malaysia by offering premier personal accident insurance & risk management solutions to corporations and individuals. After upwards of 60 years operating with 15 offices nationwide, AIG Malaysia has been consistently delivering quality products and solutions to consumers. This is exactly all thanks to by the contribution of their very own sizable network of agents, brokers, and schemes.

AIG knows well that in managing the uncertain future, not much more reassuring than having proper insurance ready. So, they offered several packages that will be that can accommodate both companies’ and personal individuals’ needs.

For the people, purchasing a car or simply a property is a seriously scary thing without proper insurance coverage. To its importance, the Government of Malaysia has even made insurance subscriptions mandatory to ensure the fact that citizen can protect their assets in the eventuality of misfortunes. Because of this, AIG Malaysia offers a car insurance policy & property insurance plan that includes comprehensive coverage.

AIG Malaysia

Nevertheless, their remains the primary aspect every person should prioritize upon. As AIG Malaysia proactively educates the citizen relating to the value of medical insurance policies, it is pleasing to witness a constant improvement in the number of health-related insurance purchases every year as a consequence of their tireless effort.

The domestic businesses’ expansion to overseas markets coordinated with budget-friendly transportation makes frequent travel the latest norm. They have led to an increasing interest in insurance to cover individuals while making both domestic and overseas trips. To accommodate the necessities, AIG Malaysia has offered insurance with complete coverage to the customers.

AIG also has a business risk management approach which is usually specially crafted to meet up with demands from organizations. From casualty insurance to marine insurance, extended warranty insurance, and international business-related insurance, companies can have a customized subscription plan that is sufficient to cover them from the potential for losses throughout the operation.

There’s no doubt that this broad range of plans should be able to serve clients from all kinds of sectors, particularly manufacturing, education, financial, transportation, aviation, plus much more. In expressing their responsiveness towards the changes in market trends together with a rapid rise in amounts of startups, AIG has created an SME package that will aid entrepreneurs protect their business as they simply grow.

Hence, individuals and companies that happen to be keen to sign up for AIG Malaysia’s insurance policy can go to their internet site and request a quote. Especially if they have to have more personal assistance, customers can just get details about agents within the nearby locations and get a meeting set.

Recently, AIG Malaysia went the extra mile to embrace e-commerce since they make their personal accident insurance subscription available on Lazada Malaysia. That should ultimately bring convenience to subscribers as they could have their insurance activated in just 72 hours and is also deemed as an ingenious approach to getting in touch with the target audience electronically.