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Five Important Element Every Job Posting Must Include

A powerful job posting will be an excellent aid for your business. Here we share why you really need powerful job postings for your business so you can continue to apply in the post on your business page in future. And you can use job postings correctly as a tool to find talent for your company.

job posting jobstreet philippines

Usually the audience is not ALERT with your advertisement or job postings due to the scattered structure! And the possibility of a non-response audience is because you do not care for the element. So, for those of you who feel like you need a little help, we’ve drawn up a list of the 5 important elements each and every one of your job ads needs to contain in order to be successful:

A Simple Job Title

The headline or “MAIN ATTRACTION” for an advertisement, is the most important thing because it is the first thing that job seeker will see your job postings. And here’s where the potential candidate’s assessment begins whether they want to continue reading or not. The effective job title is when it is precisely addressed to the vacancy or position ads.

A Precise Job Summary

You don’t only state the basic job functions, instead you need to indicate clearly what are your required skills for the position and what are the desirable skills the candidate can offer. This will allow candidates to compare what is required with their own skills and experience and discourage those not qualified from applying without wasting time.

Specify the Job Location

Since location can play a vital role in one’s decision whether they will apply for the position or not, you need to state right away where the position will be based so you can manage the candidate’s expectations on the spot.

Salary and Rewards

Bear in mind that the main reason why employees leave companies is to ‘seek higher pay elsewhere.’ So, you need to describe the salary range, benefits and other company perks that the qualified candidate can get. This encourages people to apply because of the great incentives they will have.

Person-in-Charge for Inquiries

Always provide a contact person and email address for enquiries in case a candidate wants to clarify some details of the job postings. If you prefer, you can also add a phone number they can call, but the danger of this is that you could get flooded with calls that are sometimes not really relevant to the job ads.

In summary

In the end, to create a powerful job advertisement, you must target the right audience, use the right platform, and carefully craft your message in a form that your readers will understand. The quality of your job posting and the information in that job posting can greatly affect the quality of candidates who apply because by producing a great job ad, you can potentially reach hundreds of qualified candidates in the market easily and effectively.