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Is Your Recruitment Culture Broken?

In recent times, job seekers look for a healthy workplace culture when deciding on a job. According to Forbes, companies with rich workplace culture have improved innovation, employee retention and productivity. Excellent workplace culture also improves your employer branding and attracts more candidates in recruitment sites.

However, workplace cultures don’t appear out of thin air; you have to build it. Before you make it, you have to recognize any corrupt practices in your company. Here are the common signs that your workplace culture is broken:

You have no clear vision

A company requires a mission, vision and values to guide and motivate your employees. Without them, a company that operates without directions. A company that doesn’t have a vision is also a sure sign of a broken recruitment culture.

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You rule like a dictator

You may have a higher position than the rest of your employees, and you may make the crucial decisions, but that doesn’t mean you should hold all the power in the office. Instead, you should listen to others, allow them to share ideas, ask for opinions and make decisions together.

You micromanage

There are several reasons why bosses micromanage: they want things to be done in a specific way, they fear the loss of control, and they worry about their company’s reputation. However, micromanaging creates unease among employees and may render irreparable harm to staff morale. It is crucial that you trust your staff so they will flourish.

You don’t treat every employee fairly

As a company owner, you have to inspire fairness throughout your organisation. That means you can’t give special privileges or treatments over others, or have different rules for different people. You need to communicate with your staff and come up with a fair process for everyone.


To build rich workplace culture, you need to be fair, flexible and deal with issues effectively. With a healthy workplace culture, your company’s overall performance and employee retention will improve.

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