Trial Kit Shaves2U

Shaves2U vs Gillette. Which is better? Here is my Shaves2U review.

After repeatedly seeing ads for Shaves2U and Gillette on my facebook, I thought maybe it’s time to try something new for shaving. I am impressed with the way both brands have built a huge customer base via social media. With a resolve to find the best and most affordable shaving solution, I went ahead and tried out both brand’s product.

I enrolled in Shaves2U’s shave plan, got myself the Trial Kit at RM6.50. The Trial Kit includes Premium Handle with Blade Cartridge and one shave cream. While Gillette does not offer shave plans yet in Malaysia, so I got the Gillette Fusion ProGlide at RM30.10.

Shaves2U Trial Kit | Shaves2U Malaysia

Shaves2U has done an excellent job at designing a simple and user-friendly website. I can’t seem to purchase Gillette’s razor at any official website; therefore I got mine from Lazada. The buying process was easy, but Shaves2U has done a better job by using Facebook credentials which made the purchase even easier. A few days later I got my razors.

The Premium That You Can Feel

Day 1 – I prefer razors with slightly heavier handles because it gives me a sense of control. Therefore, I loved the Shaves2U razor which was much heavier than the one from Gillette. The Gillette one looked great, but I was hoping more material was used to build it. It’s like driving between BMW and Lexus. Both are great brands but have a very different following. I won’t trade BMW for Lexus.

Shaves2U Premium Handle | Shaves2U Malaysia
3 blades Premium Shaver

Day 10 – After trying both razors for five days each, I am ready to put aside my Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor. Couldn’t get myself to love it. Especially the blades, it gives me a cheap feeling during the shave. I got some cuts from the Gillette razor too. I don’t see myself using it in future. I’ve decided to subscribe to Shaves2U’s shave plan because I love their product. And the best thing I love about Shaves2U is that they deliver the blades directly to my home every month. Yay!

My Final Thought

Been using the Shaves2U razor for a while now. Simple design, good shave! Love the way where the order schedule is very flexible and the blades always arrive on time. Overall, very happy! If you are the person just like me where shaving is one of your routine and always seeking for a great shaver feel free to visit their website at