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Take the Best Pictures With Huawei P20’s Master AI

Although most smartphone cameras have various shooting modes and camera features, not many users don’t have the knowledge to use them. To address this problem and to improve the user experience, the Huawei has introduced the Master AI mode.

Master AI is an artificial intelligence-powered recognition engine in the Huawei P20. It can obtain and analyse visual information from the camera viewfinder in real-time. Then, the Suggest Engine uses the data to set the optimum camera mode automatically for the user. With its AI capabilities, the Master AI can also learn to adapt to the user’s behaviour.

The Master AI can detect over 500 scenarios and put them into 19 categories. Here are some examples of from the 19 categories:

Blue Sky

Are you under a blue sky? Want to capture the scenery of a clear day? The Blue Sky mode is perfect for this situation. In this mode, the camera will adjust its contrast and colour settings to capture the blue hues of the sky automatically. It works better with a clear sky.

huawei p20


Taking pictures of sunsets can be tricky if you aren’t quick enough to capture the moment. Before the sun sets, the Master AI can help you get the perfect shot with Sunset mode. This particular mode adjusts the contrast and saturation to prevent overexposure. It also highlights the golden hues of the sun for an outstanding picture of dusk.


Settings in stage performances are dark and use harsh spotlights to illuminate the performers. In this scenario, use the Stage mode to increase the colour contrast and optimise the saturation. Make sure it’s alright to capture a performance with a camera before shooting!


The Master AI is also able to detect when you are taking a photo with a group of friends. With multiple subjects in the frame, the camera gives you suggestions for a better composition. Group mode ensures that everyone in the photo looks great and the picture is wonderfully composed.


With the Master AI, taking beautiful pictures has never been easier. Now that you know its functions, make sure to try it out!

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