leather cars in Malaysia Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia

Tips On Maintaining Car Leather Seats

If you have a car with leather seats, it will definitely attract attention. Leather seats are considered a luxury and most sedan and 7 seaters SUV Malaysia owners already have a seat made of leather. But the ultimate challenge is to maintain and make their seats look beautiful and attractive all the time.

Seating from leather material is definitely more of an advantage than the fabric. Among these are beauty, endurance and taste. However, it should be taken care of carefully and carefully. Here are some tips for keeping your leather in place.

leather cars in Malaysia Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia

Gentle and frequent wash the leather

Softening the leather with a special detergent is the first step to careful treatment. Eliminate small dust in the cracks between the seats.

Poorly maintained leather can be easily damaged and worn out, cracked and irreparable. The best way to fix this is to cut out parts or remove any rough material that may damage the fiber and remove dirt that makes the air circulation of the fiber material clogged.

Unlike fabric seats, leather can be washed quickly with a damp cloth. Hard-to-remove stains may require professional care to prevent damage to incorrect cleaning products.

Avoid the heat and keep it moisturise

The ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage the leather as well as human skin. Therefore, your leather seat should be protected to prevent it from fading. You can use a moisturiser with UV protection to avoid the fiber material.

It is very important to choose the right moisturiser to prevent impurities. Leather is a waterproof material and is difficult to spot. However, spilled dirt should be cleaned immediately to prevent further damage.

Keep Your Car Indoor Air Clean

The leather seats can easily smell the air circulation in the car. Cigarettes, food and coffee will leave unpleasant smells. Buy air fragrance and place it on the dashboard or on the back. You can also open the window for better air distribution after half an hour to your home.

Leather Is The Best Choice

Leather is one of the best choice of seating for your car. Most of the cars in Malaysia have seats made from leather. With proper care, you can use your leather for longer periods of time.